Eleanor's Vlog- Day in the Life 2.0

Here is an update on what is going on in my life as an online student! Follow me through a day in my life in Münster.


Jo's Vlog

Here's a new update from Jo and a little bit about her life on campus in Bremen, enjoy!


Minou's Vlog

We take a look into Minou's life in Berlin!


A Normal Day in Times of Corona

Week 4 - Jitka Kranz

Todays vlog is a vlog from Graz, Austria, following Jitka and her family on a normal day in Corona times.


Easter and supporting local businesses

Vlog No. 3: Paulina

This week it's my turn to show you my daily life. This week is also Easter. I hope you enjoy it.


Münster Quarantine

Vlog No. 2: Eleanor

Hey! Here's a look into my daily quarantine life in Münster, Germany...hope you enjoy!


Servery Rules at Jacobs

Weekly Vlog No. 1: Joana

Hey, this is a short video about living on campus under special conditions because of corona.


Buying milk in 2020

What is "entrahmte" milk?

This is a little video clip from when I was shopping with friends in Kaufland. We wanted to buy some milk for making pancakes later this evening. However, this shopping trip did not go as usual because for the first time in our lives, we saw empty shelves in the supermarket.